Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I were drinking wine in Europe

This week the blog challenge of the week (found here) we have been asked to use the subjunctive mood to look back on our lives and say “I wish I were”. For me, keeping in the theme of this blog it would have to be ‘ I wish I were back in Europe, so I could try all the different wines!’

The first time I went to Europe I did so as a naive 18 year old who though spending more than 2 euros on a bottle of wine would break the budget. Having said that, my favourite bottle of wine from that trip is still the one which cost me 60 cents in Madrid, while my favourite drink overall was the homemade Sangria I had at the hostel we stayed at in Rome. The flip side of this regret is that if I had splurged on wines it would likely have been lost on me as I would not have been able to appreciate what I would have likely been drinking.

My second trip to Europe was a few years later and was a much briefer trip, however I went with the aim to try as much as I could in the way of European food and wine as well as attending a wine tasting class in Paris, of which I felt I succeeded at very nicely! This trip reaffirmed my love of European food and wine as well as confirming the fact that I would need to buy new pants every few months if I did live in Europe. This trip was just over a year ago and already I am wishing that I had tried a German or Austrian Riesling while I was there, though the beer in Munich was definitely a pleasant drink!

Since having become interested in wines it can often be quite frustrating to live in a country that is so far from the rest of the world and on top of that in the most isolated capital city of the country. It adds up to some expensive imported wines for sure! And unfortunately I have discovered that I tend to favour the more expensive imported wines (think $200+ French reds…). The positive of this however, is that I have turned those expensive bottles of wine into a good inspiration to save my my next overseas trip and the chance to really delve into the wines that Australia is producing to uncover some amazing boutique wineries!

I would love if you would share with me what is your ‘I wish I were’ and if you have a favourite wine or winery feel free to share it also!

Until next time!


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