Giveaway Winners and a Blog Chat

Hi everyone!

Just a quick little post here to let you know who the winners of last weeks giveaway are as well as a little blog chat. I will be having another giveaway before christmas so do not fret and please continue to share this blog around!

The winners of the giveaway are:

happygrape2 (blog comment)

Anna (Facebook comment)

Could you both please get in contact me with your preference of red or white (who ever gets in contact with me first will get to choose if you both want the same thing – sorry!). Also happygrape2 could you please supply me with an address that I can send the wine to you (flick me an email at

I do have a mini-blog series in the works with the Wine Education Centre in Perth, you will see this from around mid-November. And thanks to Anna’s suggestion there will be a mini-series in Wino101 starting this week on how to taste wines so you can know what people mean when they use certain terms. If anyone has any requests for things they want to see then please send me an email me, Facebook message me or even comment on this blog as I want to post things that people want to read!

 And lastly, once exams are over in just under a months time I do plan to venture out to more wineries along with bringing out some cooking books and hopefully attempting a few more recipes so feel free to send any my way if you think they would interest me!

Until next time!


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