A Day of Feasting at the University of Western Australia

I haven’t really eaten out this past week and had anything positive to report back to you guys, so I was wondering what I would do with this week’s Thursday post. I did however find myself taking photos of what I ended up eating at Uni one day this week and figured I would share my food adventure with you all.

For those of you not aware of the food situation at the University of Western Australia (UWA) it was up until the start of this year monopolised by the student guild into overpriced greasy and often tasteless meals that had a fattiness about them that made you a few hours later often regret having succumbed to starvation and eaten on campus. A good starting point for student’s dissatisfaction with guild catering at UWA, if you’re interested, is a blog by Paul Abbott which can be found here on Facebook or here on Blogspot.

Breakfast was had at 8am and this is possibly the main reason as to why I’ve managed to get up at 6am and come into uni at 8am 3 days a week (when I live an hours drive from Uni). I have ordered this meal of a toasted ham and cheese croissant and a large tea on such a regular basis that the people who work the cafe in the morning know me and make it the moment they see me! This is one of the most appetising meals on the menu at UWA – the coffee at UWA is definitely sub-par and is one of the reasons why I do not miss having cut coffee almost completely out of my diet.

Being the second last week of semester, many of my classes are not running any more (joys of being an arts student!) so I used the time to catch up with some friends who I had not seen all semester. On the way to the tavern (our usual haunt due to the best quality of chips and wedges) I came accross a sign for a new food establishment that has recently started at UWA since food was deregulated at the start of the year. We ended up pairing our pizza with a middy 5 Seeds ‘Crisp’ Cider and it was nice. The pizza base was definitely in need of an upgrade from supermarket quality but the toppings on ‘the works’ which we tried was flavoursome and generous!

Following the pizza catch-up I then caught up with another friend over our traditional wedges at the tav (the only place where sweet chilli sauce and sour cream is included). The wedges were their usual quality and it was a nice farewell to the UWA Tavern, before I knuckle down for my last exam period.

Lastly as the weather was so nice on the day we gave up attempting to study at the tavern – surprisingly we had actually done pretty well at this – and ended up on one of the grassy spaces at uni and had an ice-cream. I ended up having the chocolate and nougat flavours and they were pretty good, but not the best ice-cream I’ve had, the chocolate flavour definitely needed more fudge for my liking!

It was quite a pleasant way to spend the day and welcome in summer but it will be back to the books for the next few weeks!

Until next time!


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