Wino 101: UnWined 2012

Hi everyone!

For those of you who are wondering what to do with your weekend I have a suggestion for you! In Subiaco this weekend is the second ever annual ‘UnWined’ wine show at Market Place (the grass to the west of Subiaco Oval – see the map below).

Tickets are $25 at the gate, or $20 if you pre-purchase them before Wednesday. The event is open 11-6 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday. I am planning to go on the Sunday so if you manage to make it out on that day come say hi!

Wine sampling, food and wine sessions as well as wines by the glass and tapas meals for sale. Some of the wineries who will be attending this event were also ones that were involved in the Blackwood Valley Wine Show that I attended on the weekend that has just passed.

If you want more information check out their website linked above or check out their Facebook page! And if you want to see the exhibitors that will be attending the show this weekend then click here.

CMS are also hosting the Geographe Crush Wine Show on Sunday November 4rd of this year at Bicentennial Square in Busselton. This show is looking like it will have even more exhibitors than the UnWined Show in Subiaco. The ticket pricing and show hours are the same as UnWined. I will not be able to make this event due to university exams but if anyone does please have a glass or two for me!

Until next time!


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