Giveaway Wines

Hi everyone,

Thought I would show you the wines that I will be giving away at the end of the week (pictured below). The white is a Pemberton Sauvinon Blanc from Capel Vale and the red a Margaret River Cabernet Franc from Hay Shed Hill.

While I was at Capel Vale on the way back to Perth I also had the chance to taste their newest wines, spritzy sweet wines – perfect for the upcoming summer months! The wines are called Frizzante (pictured below) and they have a Bianco (sweet as expected) and a Rosa (dryer than expected). I ended up picking one of each up for mum as a gift, so I will let you know what she/I (if she shares) thinks of it!

Capel Vale is a gorgeous winery to have lunch at (did so during the past winter). The restaurant gives you the view of the vineyards from the elevated location of the building. And the menu at this place has a variety of dishes which are all to die for! I recommend this as a stop off on the way south for anyone.

Until next time!


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