Pink Dinner: Salmon and Rose

Dinner on Monday night consisted of a home cooked piece of salmon coated in butter and herbs and oven roasted. The piece of salmon was accompanied by freshly cooked asparagus, rice and a glass of Rose from Woody Nook Winery from Margaret River. For my first attempt at cooking salmon on its own turned out pretty well! However I sort of didn’t think the sides through so I ended up with some juicy green asparagus that mum had sautéed and coated in lemon juice – delish! As well as some leftover flavoured rice.

The wine’s label has a fascinating gimmick (shown in the image) that has the rose on the label change colour depending on the temperature. The deeper pink is when it is cold and the lighter pink is when it is warm (can be done by putting your hand over the label). What can I say but it won me over! Roses are a bit of a weakness of mine, whether is a vase or on a rosebush the fragrance from a rosebush brings me back to my childhood. The rose was nice, on the dryer side but it went well with the meal, especially the zing from the lemon juice on the fish and asparagus.

Definitely keen to try cooking salmon again, if anyone has a recipe for cooking salmon that they love feel free to share it!

Until next time!


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