Update to last nights post: had a second generous serving of the 2009 Preece Cav Sav courtesy of my oversized Cab Sav (vinium XL range) wine glass from Riedel (I collected the glass at the Good Food and Wine Show in Perth earlier this year from a wine tasting session) when I realised that I had received a nifty little aerator from my Grandparents for my 21st this year that would speed up the airing of the wine. Oh my goodness did the second glass get poured very soon after! The device is called the Vinturi and it is a life saver for a last minute decision to have a glass of red! Vinturi also produce aerators for white wines and spirits, of which I cannot comment on except that I am definitely curious to try out the white wine one.


Often when you look at the vintages of red wines in the shelves of bottle shops they tend to be young, the oldest I can remember seeing is 2005 (and that one was an expensive slow selling wine) while most mid-ranged and commonly bought red wines tend to be 2010 or later with the odd 2009 popping up here and there. So a device like this can really bring out the smoother and more fruiter aspects to your wine without having to wait around for a few hours for you wine to decant – even those cheaper red wines!

Also with regards to the glass, I am sure that there are many of you who will not believe me when I tell you this but the glass really does make a difference when drinking your wines. The reason I have some Riedel glasses is from a tasting session I attended at the Good Food and Wine Show which was based not around the wines sampled but instead around the glasses used to drink the wine from. It is amazing how something as simple as a glass can completely transform the smell, taste and texture of a wine. I will have to elaborate upon this in another post but to anyone who is curious and knows me I’m more than happy to provide a demonstration as we had in the tasting session.

And with that I will finish this glass of wine and head off.

Until next time!


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