Preece Range

So I thought I would share this little gem that has been hiding at work over the last few weeks. Liquorland is clearing out certain products to make room for newer ones which has led to this range from Preece Winery being reduced from $14 to $4 a bottle! I’ve seen this range and contemplated trying it in the past but it never seemed to move so I always held back, but hey at $4 a bottle (for 2007 and 2009 vintages in my store) it’s worth the gamble!

Last night I opened the 2009 Cab Sav (picture below). The aroma was spicy and rich, the first sip was a little lacking in body for my liking but that soon went away after the wine had breathed in my glass for a little bit. For $14 this would have been an ‘not too bad’ bottle but at $4 it is ‘a bargain’. The Cab Sav was balanced, with a strong emphasis on berries and a hint of spice and oak to give it some depth. Personally it would be a pleasant drink for anyone who enjoys a glass or two of red wine. At $4 I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Preece Cabernet Sauvignon

While at work I decided to grab a few others in the range to try them out also (picture below). Below is my little stash of the Chardonnay (2007), Shiraz (2009) and Dolce Bianco (2010). Also included in this range, which I did not purchase is a Merlot, SSB (low alcohol) and a Dolce Rosso. While I cannot comment on these three wines yet I am definitely excited to try them after having enjoyed the Cab Sav. For anyone looking for some cheap but nice wines I recommend you head to your nearest Liquorland to see what stock they have left (I’m not sure if these wines are still able to be ordered from our warehouse). Best of luck if you decided to try and find some!

Until next time!

Preece Chardonnay, Shiraz and Dolce Bianco.


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